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Jami Laes - EVP Games, Rovio

Jami Laes - EVP Games, Rovio


We have been thrilled to work closely with the stellar team at Omniata. Their platform has great usability, features and gives us new capabilities to delight our fans even better than before.

Mikko Wilkman - CTO, Grand Cru

Mikko Wilkman - CTO, Grand Cru


Over the past two and a half years of Grand Cru's existence, I've tried and dropped around a dozen different third party analytics tools. Compared to those, Omniata exceeds in both flexibility and its quality of support. With the experience on analytics for Alex and his team and the level of personal relationship we're building, I'm sure we'll go a long way together.

Jason Loia - COO, Gaia

Jason Loia - COO, Gaia


We had multiple analytics systems at Gaia which did some things well and other things poorly. Omniata replaced them all as a comprehensive, multi-platform, unified solution. Hands down, it was the best fit for us because the team that developed Omniata came from the developer community and deeply understands what is important to running a 24x7 virtual goods based game service. From key metrics to deep analytics, A/B testing, and more, Omniata is a key part of our success in driving dramatic revenue growth in a short period of time.

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