Omniata is changing the way companies experience data


Drive behavior at every step of the user journey.

Finally, a comprehensive toolset that gives you the power to have relevant conversations with every one of your users

  • Build custom segments to target users in real-time
  • Talk to users directly with contextual in-app or push messaging
  • Analyze and export audiences
  • Create and measure different experiences with A/B testing
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Data exactly as you like it.

Have your own event taxonomy? No problem. You have complete flexibility to model your data as you need.

  • Drag and drop interactive design mode for building reports with support for multiple types of data visualizations
  • Integrate event and user data for analytics and segmentation purposes
  • Complete flexibility to model your data. Create your own definitions of metrics
  • Reprocess data and apply changes retroactively
  • Crunch big data without requiring engineering
  • Export data at event-level level

Many sources into a single view.

Combine acquisition data with in-app data to measure true ROI across campaigns

  • Optimize acquisition campaigns based on LTV
  • End-to-End visibility from spending to ROI
  • Include custom metrics to enhance analysis

Integrate with ease.

Get real-time feedback through the Developer Console to help make integration quick and painless. Review automated status messages to find errors or missing parameters.

  • Real-time console to track integration progress
  • Lightweight SDKs for iOS, Android, Unity and Web
  • Built-in event validation to ensure data quality
  • Sample code to paste directly into your app

Understand your users, deeply.

Improve and optimize your product, backing your decisions with data.

  • Use tools like A/B testing, custom segmentation, or funnel analysis to plan new features
  • Deeply understand how your users use your product
  • Discover opportunities on how to improve it
  • Back your decisions of features and roadmap with data

Build a unified view of your business.

See only the reports that are important to you. View your entire portfolio in one place to get a comprehensive view of your business.

  • Single view of all properties across all platforms
  • Total portfolio performance in one place
  • Easily drill down into projects for more detail
  • Enable the whole organization with access to the same data source
  • Enterprise-level role-based access control to data and features
  • Tools for Marketers, Product Managers, Data Analysts and everyone who needs data to take action
  • Subscribe to the reports you are interested on and receive them periodically via email

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