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Unify your data sources, model and visualize data, automate marketing actions across platforms and optimize the user experience with A/B testing.

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Take Control of Your Data

As your company progresses in its use of data, your needs will become more robust. No longer will simple analytics tracking for a mobile app be enough. You begin needing to think about tracking custom events across platforms and pulling in data from separate systems. You need to use that data to power engagement with push notifications, A/B testing, email and more. Omniata was built from the ground up to not only explore and analyze data, but to use all of your data to take action and engage with your customers automatically.


Integrate all of your data in one place: app analytics, databases, and external services.


Visualize data by building custom reports, dashboards & funnels.


Optimize your user experience in real-time and increase your customer LTV.

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The Unified Data, Analytics & User Engagement Platform

In the digital world you have separate tools for data modeling, app analytics, reporting, a/b testing and marketing automation leading to data silos. Omniata manages all of these needs in a fully integrated, unified platform.

Unify all of your data from applications, databases and external APIs in one place.

Model your data defining your event schema, reporting tables, user properties, user segments, and content types.

Build dashboards and reports to interactively visualize and transform your data with Omniata's powerful business intelligence tools.

Manage all your user acquistion channels and attribution partners in one platform so you can more accurately optimize your spend based on customer LTV.

Automate your marketing to transform the user experience and better engage your users across any channel or device in real-time or while offline.

Optimize the entire user experience with a/b testing across all of your platforms in order to maximize user engagement and LTV.

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Omniata has helped organizations, big and small, realize the value of big data and analytics. Request a demo today and begin your Data Value Journey with Omniata.

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