Next Games

Utilizing the Omniata Platform to optimize user acquisition and in-game monetization methods.

Challenge: New gaming company, 10+ user acquisition methods to track and optimize, fast growing data and analytics needs from marketing, product teams and management.

Solution: Omniata game analytics, user acquisition optimization, hourly reporting metrics, and A/B testing.

Results: Next Games ended up with a game that reached #1 strategy game on the Apple App Store and an analytics platform that was able to help them optimize acquisition and in game monetization strategies.

About Next Games

Next Games was founded in 2013 by games veterans from Rovio, Supercell and Disney. They have already released their first game: Compass Point: West and their next title will be The Walking Dead: No Man’s Land, which is based upon the AMC hit-series, The Walking Dead.

How Omniata is providing value

Next games approached Omniata several months before the soft launch of their first game with their analytics requirements. They were looking to build out best practices in data based upon their prior experience in the gaming world. They were convinced that Omniata's strong background in games analytics and data processing would make it the best fit with their needs and use cases.

Next Games, like many gaming companies, has extremely complicated user acquisition strategies due to many user acquisition channels they are using (AdColony, AdWords, Applifier, Applovin, Chartboost, Flurry, Inmobi, Nanigans, Supersonic, Vungle). Despite using Mobile App Tracking as their attribution partner they were lacking the full picture on their advertising spend into what is the user journey and LTV after a user is acquired. Omniata processes and normalizes the data from all these sources making it actionable so their marketing team can optimize daily how they use different ad networks.

Mobile user acquisition is highly competitive and Next Games acquisition marketing team is continuously looking for fresh channels (country/ad network combinations) to acquire valuable customers. The key metrics they created and are following through Omniata include:

  • Performance of the acquired users per ad network
  • Cumulative ARPU
  • Monetization
  • Retention
  • Virality of the game per country

One example Omniata enables for the Next Games' user acquisition strategy is the ability to measure cumulative adARPU by allocating the video ads revenue across the number of users tracked by in-game ad-events. This metric is used to understand how well the players are engaging from a particular user acquisition source.

In addition to user acquisition analytics, they are also using Omniata in order to run advanced game analytics and A/B testing in game. Starting from the soft launch stage of the game they were able to analyze how users were advancing through battles as this would later tie directly to revenues. They were able to A/B test different user experiences to see where they needed to make the game harder and where it was beneficial to make the game easier so that the user journey would progress further in the game.

With Omniata, Next Games has been able to see significant revenue increases, as they were able to acquire more users cost effectively and increase their ARPU by providing a better in-game user experience.

Omniata enables the entire digital organization - marketers, product managers and data scientists - to run their business based on data. It creates an integrated view of consumers across devices, providing tools to optimize the user experience in real time. Omniata integrates analytics, CRM, engagement, and A/B testing platforms into a single all encompassing solution.

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