Rovio uses Omniata to engage users and optimize marketing

Rovio is the leading mobile entertainment brand in the world and creator of the globally successful Angry Birds franchise. Angry Birds, a casual puzzle game, became an international phenomenon within a few months of its release and is now the number one downloaded app of all time.

In partnering with Omniata, Rovio has extended its own internal data action platform to combine analytics and user engagement tools.

How Omniata is providing value

As a company of multiple game studios and external partners, Rovio needed easy access to data that could be given to game engagement and user acquisition analysts to create dashboards and run ad-hoc reports. Additionally, Rovio needed tools to automatically engage the user based on triggers they set. Rovio also wanted a solution to optimize the performance of ad campaigns based on in-app user behavior and LTV. Today, Omniata is used by over a hundred users within Rovio and and is integrated into over 20 of their games.

With Omniata, Rovio has been able to bring together user acquisition data, engagement campaigns, A/B testing, and game analytics. The main features used by Rovio are:

  • Flexible data analytics and visualization
    Omniata provides freedom to define analytics to measure the impact on specific metrics that are relevant to the game, e.g. in-app economy, game progress, etc.
  • A/B testing
    Omniata provides advanced segmentation to enable targeting and the ability to split users into multiple experiences. More than 50 A/B tests have been done with Omniata platform.
  • Push messaging
    Currently, up to 300,000 push messages are being sent daily. The Custom user fields of Omniata platform ensure precise and effective targeting.
  • User Acquisition Analytics
    Omniata provides an integrated view of all performance marketing data along with the in-game data to provide a comprehensive picture. This gives end-to-end view to acquisition marketing team from spending to ROI.
  • Access control
    Multiple people can access the platform that provides tailored dashboards and tools for everyone, e.g. Product Managers, Analysts, and User acquisition team.

Some of Rovio's results´┐╝

By targeting the customers with right content at the right time, Rovio achieved over 250% lift in re-engagement for Angry Birds Epic Android and over 50 % for AB Epic iOS over time.

Rovio also uses Omniata to get an integrated view of all performance marketing data along with the in-game data, resulting in an end-to-end view to acquisition marketing team from spending to ROI.

  • Industry: Internet and Mobile Gaming
  • Location: Espoo, Finland
  • Website:
  • On Omniata since: July 2013
  • Events processed: Over 385 billion till date

Omniata enables the entire digital organization - marketers, product managers and data scientists - to run their business based on data. It creates an integrated view of consumers across devices, providing tools to optimize the user experience in real time. Omniata integrates analytics, CRM, engagement, and A/B testing platforms into a single all encompassing solution.

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