Streamline all of your reporting, analytics and engagement efforts.



Unify Data Sources

Omniata breaks down data silos by unifying your data from three principle sources:

  1. Applications (web, mobile, desktop)
  2. Databases
  3. APIs (attribution partners, ad networks, etc.)

Easy-to-integrate SDKs for iOS, Android, Unity and web. Rest APIs for server-to-server integration, direct connections to relational databases.


Customize the Data Model

Define your own event schema, reporting tables, user properties, user segments, and content types.

  • Freedom to modify data model
  • Modify any custom attribute
  • Program new attributes
  • Create new tables and views
  • Integrate with predictive models


Build Custom Reports and Dashboards

Utilize Omniata as a powerful business intelligence and reporting tool to interactively visualize and transform your data.

  • Easy to use drag and drop UI chart builder to create all of your reports and dashboards
  • Supports easy to use design mode and a full SQL mode
  • Run analytics by cohorts and create funnels to watch users over time
  • Run queries at an astounding speed of up to 1B events in under 10 minutes
  • Elastic architecture to support your ever increasing data needs as you grow


Manage User Acquisition

By integrating all of the data you need into one platform you can more accurately optimize your spend across all user acquisition channels.

  • Analyze the performance of all your acquisition sources, by any user attribute
  • Utilize attribution source for any analysis of your application
  • Optimize the performance of campaigns based on in-app user behavior and LTV
  • Understand the revenue generated by users based on campaign cohorts
  • Identify and compare the CPI and CPC of campaigns


Automate Your Marketing

Automate your marketing to design and transform the user experience and better engage your users across any channel or device in real-time or while offline.

  • Send push and email messages automatically based on user behavior
  • Define user segments with complete flexibility based on your data
  • Schedule and automate campaigns for maximum effectiveness
  • Manage all of your content in one place


Test and Optimize the User Experience

Test and optimize your entire user experience and not just content across all of your platforms in order to maximize user engagement and LTV.

  • Run powerful A/B and multivariate tests with just a few clicks
  • Analyze the impact on ALL of your metrics, not just the target event
  • Test experiences at the user level and not just at the device level