Account De-ghosting

Omniata provides support for cases when user’s temporary identifier changes after linking to a previously used account, or a social media account. The events received with the ghost UID are ignored both during nightly and on-demand processing and do not affect any metrics.

Panel configuration

Feature can be enabled in Panel under specific Project using Settings -> General and clicking “Enable processing of user de-ghosting events”.

Event configuration

Projects with de-ghosting enabled react to events of type om_deghost with the following parameters. The de-ghosting event must be the last event user receives with the old UID.

  • om_event_type (or another configured parameter for type) - om_deghost
  • uid - the UID of the obsolete (de-ghosted) user
  • api_key - API key of the project user belongs to
  • new_uid - newly assigned UID (parameter is currently unused)

Nightly processing

For projects with de-ghosting enabled system automatically extracts om_deghost events and filters them as first events during the day to process. Type is changed to om_deghost_init. User state is flagged as de-ghosted during processing of the om_deghost_init event and removed during processing of the original om_deghost event.

  • same day jobs do not include de-ghosted processing and users are counted as new
  • in case user receives de-ghosting event and regular events in different days, user will not be de-ghosted in the previous days until the de-ghost event arrives
  • in case user receives event after the de-ghosting event, she will be counted as a new user

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