Acquisition Marketing

With the Acquisition Marketing Project, Omniata can provide insightful user-level and aggregated reports by using marketing data from Attribution Partners and Ad Networks, which is combined with data from the application itself, for example revenue. The information is especially useful for marketing managers because it allows them to evaluate and optimize the performance of campaigns based on user behavior and LTV. The customers can use Acquisition Marketing Project to:

  • Show attributed installs of various ad campaigns & publishers
  • Understand the revenue generated by users based on campaign cohorts
  • Identify and compare the CPI and CPC of campaigns

Please note that an Acquisition Marketing Project has static data fields which cannot be modified. New Table Fields can be added, but only if they reference the existing fields. An Acquisition Marketing Project's Tables and Data Fields that are not Table Fields cannot be modified.

Installing Acquisition Marketing Project

The Acquisition Marketing Project connects to and consolidates data sources from Attribution Partners and Ad Networks. One Acquisition Marketing Project can cover data from all your campaigns, even if there are several applications, attribution partners and ad networks involved.

  1. Start installing the Acquirer Project by navigating to the front page of your Omniata panel.
  2. Select 'New Project' and further 'External Services' > 'Acquirer'.
  3. We suggest that you name your Acquirer Project as 'Marketing', 'Acquisition Marketing' or something similar. Install the Project by selecting 'Create Project'.

After installing the Acquisition Marketing Project, you can connect data sources from Attribution Partners and Ad Networks.

Data Sources

Attribution Partners

Attribution Partners primarily or only focus on fingerprint and/or ID based attribution tracking. They sit between the ad networks and the advertisers to help tie installs/user and downstream events back to their traffic source. These attribution partners often offer a postback service where data is sent from their server to Omniata’s server. Some of the most common attribution partners are Adjust, Ad-x, MAT (Tune/HasOffers), Kochava, Apsalar, and Appsflyer.

For more information, see section Attribution Data.

Ad Networks

Ad networks serve aggregated data about the marketing campaigns, usually through APIs. Data includes for example numbers of views (impressions) and clicks on the ad, installs, and most importantly, the cost of the campaign. Ad network data can be combined with attribution data, enabling marketers to calculate for example return on investment (ROI) and recoup.

Omniata has the capability to pull the data from the endpoints of several ad networks, join all the data streams, combine them with attribution data and gather the results in one place for visualization and analysis.

For more information, see section Ad Network Data.

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