Ad Network Data

Ad Networks provide aggregated data about the marketing campaigns through APIs. Data includes for example numbers of views (impressions) and clicks on the ad, installs, and most importantly, the cost of the campaign. While this is valuable in and of itself, the ad network data can be combined with attribution data, enabling marketers to calculate for example return on investment (ROI) and recoup.

Omniata pulls the data from the endpoints of several ad networks, joins all the data streams, combines them with attribution data and gather the results in one place for visualization and analysis.

Ad networks specific packages can be found inside of Acquisition Marketing Project, which is located at New Project --> External Services --> Acquirer. Ad network specific credentials are required when install the packages, the credentials will be used in the daily scheduling of pulling the data and load to the ad network specific table as well as the cross ad networks combined table.

Credentials for Pulling the Data

Omniata needs the following credentials for each ad network from which data is to be collected.

Ad Network (Advertiser) Credentials
Aarki token
Adcolony api_key
Adwords account authorization needed (please contact Customer Support)
Applifier api_key
Appia username, password
Applift api_key
Applovin api_key
BlindFerret api_key
Chartboost user_signature, uid
Facebook Business Account account authorization needed (please contact Customer Support)
Fiksu api_key, access_code
Fyber username, password
Gemini/Flurry account authorization needed
Glispa token, cid
GrowMobile api_key, app_key
Inmobi username, password, secret_key
Jampp api_key
Leadbolt secret_key, advertiser_id
Mdotm username, api_key
Millennial Media consumer_key, consumer_secret, oauth_key, oauth_secret
MotiveActive api_key, advertiser_id
Nanigans partner_name, username, password, partner_id, secret_key
NativeX user_name,password
PlayHaven email,password
Smaato client_id, client_secret
Supersonic api_key, user_name (email)
Tapjoy partner_id
Twitter Ads account authorization needed
Vungle api_key

Ad Network (Publisher) Credentials
Adcolony api_key
Adsense account authorization needed (please contact Customer Support)
Applifier (Unity Ads) api_key
Applovin api_key
Chartboost api_key, uid
Vungle api_key

In case you are using ad network which is required account authorize or which is not yet listed, please contact Omniata and provide the name of the ad-network.

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