The Campaign Builder combines all the engagement elements into a Message that can be seen in a Channel. This Message combines the Content with targeted Segments and also links the Content to Campaigns (& A/B Tests). Message can be enabled and disabled both manually and by a schedule. Messages are built and scheduled are automatically created with the Campaign Builder or manually in Channels.

Messages are automatically created with the Campaign Builder.

Creating Messages

Navigate to Engagement > Channels > Display, Push Notifications, or Emails. Select the relevant Channel. Click Add Message.

  1. By default, the Channel you were in is selected as Channel. Change the Channel, if needed.
  2. Select Content to be delivered with the Message.
  3. By default, the Message is enabled to be sent. If you want to enable the Message, uncheck the box next to "Enabled".
  4. Select Segments to be included for targeting.
  5. Select the Experience, which is linked to this Message, as the Experiment Group.
  6. Add weight, if needed (optional)
  7. Set up a schedule (optional)
  8. Save by clicking Save Message.

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