Using om_update_user to Set State Values

Omniata supports direct assignation of state values using special event om_update_user. This event is used to modify/update certain fields without altering the rest of user state. In practice this means that these events do not update user’s last action time and other state fields.(e.g. without altering the rest of user state, like "last activity date.")

Om_update_user can be used to

  • Update field values in CUFs and SUFs

  • set initial CUF values

  • Apply UID changes when de-ghosting

The fields that this event supports are:

usr_src (name of acquisition source of the user, e.g. mat||Chartboost|TestGame%20(Default)||)

country (country user last accessed the application from, two characters, e.g. FI)

acq_country (country user access the application from for the first time, two characters, e.g. FI)

gender (m for male, f for female, or u for other or unknown, e.g. m)

birth_daynum (date of birth, days since 1900-01-01)

revenue (total past revenue of the user, e.g. 15.20)

purchases (number of purchases user made, e.g. 4)

session_count (number of times user accessed the application, e.g. 5)


1. To set initial CUF values you can use parameters with the following syntax:

user_vars[cuf_test]=value1 (where cuf_test is name of the CUF to update; the key name and value should be URL encoded)

2. To apply UID changes when using the de-ghosting event:

You can create a CUF with either integer or string to set a flag for the users you have on the list, and fire an event for each one to update their user attributes without affecting activity. Here is an example event:

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