Analyze and Manage the User Lifecycle with Data

The analytics, marketing and A/B testing platform designed to work together

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Omniata is trusted by leading digital companies including:

  • Rovio
  • EA
  • Glassdoor
  • Ubisoft
  • Bandai Namco
  • Miniclip
  • Social Point
  • Nexon
  • Seriously
  • Next Games


  • Analyze individual users and cohorts from acquisition to churn
  • Build custom charts & funnels in design or SQL mode
  • Create dashboards for every team in your company
  • Access to raw, enriched and aggregated data


  • Unify data automatically from ad network APIs
  • Tag users with attribution data for lifecycle analysis
  • Measure ROI by tracking acquisition spend & revenue generation
  • Predict LTV by acquisition source to optimize ad network spend


  • Deliver a customized experience based on user behavior
  • Engage with users in-product, via email or push notifications
  • Understand how users engage with your offering across channels
  • Create flexible, retroactive and real-time segments based on custom user attributes


  • Run A/B tests across platforms and marketing channels
  • Test experiences combining content, segments, scheduling and frequency
  • Measure the impact across all metrics not just a conversion goal
  • Add users directly to experiences with our user browser


  • Design and manage your tables, metrics and ETL process
  • Model your consumer profile with full flexibility
  • Define custom user attributes on the fly with custom formulas
  • Install packaged models with best practices for analytics and engagement

What our customers say about us

Omniata was the only solution that allowed us to have data as we wanted, when we wanted it. It is as close as it gets to having a dedicated data engineering team without actually having one, and as a third party solution, nothing beats Omniata.

Ricardo Vladimiro
Game Analytics Lead at Miniclip

Omniata brings data from every corner of the organization into one place, allowing everyone to witness how their changes cascade across the product. Omniata truly is an all-encompassing analytics platform that Rovio cannot live without.

Eric Seufert
VP of User Acquisition and Engagement at Rovio