Project Types

Data Apps are predefined collections of data visualizations, reporting tables and data fields. Their function is to be easy to use and still customizable data solutions that help you to resolve use cases with easy. Omniata currently provides four types of Data Apps: Standard Metrics, Custom Data App, Training Data App, and Blank Data App.

  • Standard Metrics
    • Covers most basic data visulization use cases
    • Provides an overview across all Custom Data Apps
  • Custom Data App
    • Typically per application
    • Used for application specific visualizations and user engagement
  • Training Data App
    • Used with Tutorials
  • Blank
    • Highly customizable Data App for advanced users

Standard Metrics

Standard Metrics provides high level insights into all of the applications associated to the organization. These out-of-the box metrics provide information on user engagement, acquisition, engagement, monetization, and retention metrics. All metrics can be filtered per application and pre many other dimensions.

Standard Metrics is engagement, acquisition, and retention metrics powered by the om_load event, which is required by Omniata to be sent by all users every time the users starts the application. The monetization metrics require a further event, om_revenue, which tracks purchase data. Finally, om_user can be used to set a user’s updating users demographic information.

Associated Events

  • om_load (engagement, acquisition, and retention )
  • om_revenue (monetization)
  • om_user (optional - demographics)

Custom Data App

Custom Metrics is the default Data App for any application. Each Custom Data App has a set API keys to which all event data is send to. Unlike to pre-defined Standard Metrics, this app will allow you to fully customize the data structure as well as create custom visualization based on custom event data. In addition, the main difference is that a Custom Data App typically is associated with a single application, whereas the Standard Metrics read across all applications. This App also provides access to Omniata’s Engagement tools, which allows the sending of push notifications and emails, as well as delivering in-app content and the use of A/B testing.

The Custom Data App can be extended to cover a set of pre-defined uses cases by installing Packages that provide additional data visualizations, data modeling objects, and many other. Please review the 'Packages' section for more details on this.

Associated Events

  • om_load (engagement, acquisition, and retention )
  • om_revenue (monetization)
  • any custom event

Training Data App

Training Data App is designed to be used with the Tutorials (found in the 'Tutorials & Examples' section). It covers a wide range of use cases related to data visualization and user engagement. Using this Data App with the Tutorials will give you a good understanding of the Omniata platform and all the use cases it enables.


Blank Data App has nothing predefined. This is for advanced users that wish to build their Data App from the scratch. It can be built to users linking by using any of the packages, or by building everything from the ground up.

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